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INSPIRE The 7-Figure G.R.I.N.D.

A book about the true direction towards happiness and the path you need to be willing to take to engage in a life of never-ending fulfillment and joy. Transformational Figure Lionheart Laquinn believes there are practical steps in everyone’s journey that anyone can take after reading the words in this book. He invites us into his world of starting fatherhood early as a 17-Year Old Father, then joining the United States Marine Corps and going to war in Afghanistan.


             The mindset and enlightenment he gained while serving active duty and deploying overseas lead him to become an entrepreneur, transformational coach, speaker, business consultant and professional boxer. Along this journey he has learned the main purpose of his life is to help others with their own lives. His beliefs and humanitarianism has led him to share thought-provoking mindful truths with the world,  in order to inspire and create Wealthy Minds amongst the masses.

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